Training Assessments:


We go by need assessment and need analysis. The terms are interchangeable, but they have the same meaning and purpose, to assess and analyze. The primary purpose of the training needs assessment -analysis process is to ensure that there is a need for training and to identify the nature of the content of the training program. Conducting an assessment is a way to collect information that can be used to decide what type of development will be perceived as relevant and useful. An assessment enables a conversation to take place that questions what skills and knowledge is required to be more effective. It is important that we view training or performance improvement efforts systematically. Our efforts to improve one part of the organizational system will affect other jobs in the workplace environment. The needs assessment process is an important first step in the development of a training program or performance improvement initiatives.

A needs assessment provides an opportunity to consult with a variety of people in the organization. The information collected, ideas generated, and the conversations that take place when people discuss their work lives lend enthusiasm to the process. The data collected – whether obtained through interviews, observations, focus groups, performance data, questionnaires or tests – can clarify issues and provide a focus on performance.

There have been many milestones along the way: new courses launched new accreditations and endorsements by professional bodies, expanding offices, recruiting more staff and more lecturers.

And if the next decade is anything like the last two, things things are going to be exciting indeed!


Placement Assistance:


MIET has very huge network of employment agencies and consulting firms.  Who are pioneer in placing the rightly skilled candidates in right industry in India and abroad