About Us

MIET is the visionary in the space of Testing and Assessment. We provide robust assessment services to all educational institutes, Training organizations, Government programs in various sectors skills. Type Of Organization, Background of the Organization with reference to its experience. Expertise in the Field of Assessment of training Workforce, Testing & Certification of its Legal Standing with respect to its registration, details of its Promoters including their Background.

MIET is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization, individual oriented training assessment in the latest technology to empower their clients with the ability to perform their jobs successfully so as to reduce their cost of operation and to improve the bottom lines for the institutions where they will be employed. Our expert team enables to keep pace with the ever-changing technological trends through our result oriented learning process.

MIET gathers relevant information, under standardized conditions, about an individual’s capabilities to perform a managerial position. In essence, MIET puts candidates through a series of group and individual exercises designed to simulate the conditions of a given job and determines if they have the skills and abilities necessary to perform that job. It does this by bringing out the candidate’s behavior relevant to the job, while being observed by a group of assessors. In addition, the assessors judging a candidate’s behavior see all individuals from a common frame of reference in the various assessment activities. These procedures help to insure that the judgments made by us are relatively free of the many forms of rater bias, are reliable, and can serve as the basis for meaningful predictions of a candidate’s potential.

MIET provides cost-effective Training Assessment. We are one of the leading multi-skill training organizations, headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu and incorporated on 12-12-2012. MIET is a 5 year-old organization that was setup for the purpose of imparting quality training assessment in Computers (Software, Hardware & Networking), Call Center, Soft Skills & Communicative Skills, and BPO, Medical Transcription and Management courses.